We limit membership generally to  folks who live within about a 60 mile radius of the Jacksonville, Florida area, with exceptions.  We want to have members who participate regularly, and if they live more than an hour away, they will find it difficult to come into town for our regular textile meets (which we consider an important part of our social cohesion), and also difficult to make some of our hosted events in Jacksonville and the surrounding suburbs. All memberships are handled through our meetup.com/firstcoastnaturists webpage.

Couples and single/solo women are free the first year of membership, then $20.00 a year thereafter. Single men and solo men's dues are $20.00 a year immediately upon joining and being accepted and annually thereafter. We encourage everyone in the club to join a national organization, AANR  (American  Association for Nude Recreation) or The Naturists Society (TNS). AANR memberships should be done through our club, since it benefits the club and give you carded credentials as belonging to a organized club of social nudists. That is especially important for single and solo men who continue to be discriminated against in the Nudists community. An AANR card, issued through a chartered AANR club, means you have been vetted by a group of nudists, an important  differentiation between you and the guy that walks in off the street.