Fourth of July at Suwannee Valley Resort

The Fourth Of July was hopping at Suwannee Valley Resort July 4th.  31 of us attended....The weather was great all weekend....if you didn't come because of what weather was doing in Jacksonville, or because of a passing storm...remember, it's raining somewhere in Florida,,we are in the tropics.. We had a great time filled with music , great conversations, Water volleyball and nude comaradership. Sorry to have missed you. Make your reservations early for 2017.

July 9th Cypress Cove open house...22 of us went and enjoyed the fabulous facilities and grounds of Cypress cove. The Villas have been renovated, and they are 4 star!! Kathy R took top honors in the frozen t-shirt contest while Ken S stole the dime in the bottle competition . FCN took it all in the ping ball toss...we made new friends and what a relaxing weekend!!!

July 17th  PARTY at Marsha's...50 of us met up at M  private home and just had a wonderously beautiful sunday , relaxin in the sun  naked of course. the pool was perfect, the food was great!!!!

July 22nd,  2016 REDNECK GAMES AT SVR...28 of us met up at SVR and took the games by storm...Our team 1 just wiped out most competition and we have won the coveted Toilet seat for another year!!!!!

July 31st  PARTY at G and L's!!!!..   52 of us met up at G and L's private home and just had a wonderously beautiful Saturday.. We shared rides to keep the traffic down and everyone had a great time with these perfect hosts!!!!

August 6th, 2016  R and D's place in Palm Coast--22 of us trekked down to Palm Coast to have a soiree at Ray's house in Palm Coast...great weather, a nice drive and good friends!!!

August 12,  2016· The SOLAR Plunge!!!..Patti Ann of Crossed Oaks Haven put this event together and 28 of us FCN members participated to make this a smashing event.  a beach motel right on Daytona beach was booked out by participants and we turned this mature beach motel into a nudist resort for the weekend. A little construction and from the beach, you couldn't tell that we were enjoying nude lounging by the pool. We even did two Lunar Plunges (night nude forays down to the waters edge!!!)  How many can say they have  crossed the sands at Daytona Beach stark naked!!!  We can!!!

August 19, 2016 · TEXTILE MEET at GATORS DOCKSIDE  70 members made this events ..the biggest we've ever preparation for the biggest House party we've even Dave''s

August  20, 2016  Dave and Kassie Epic Summer Party..Truly epic in proportions!!!  We had 80 folks turn out for this event..the weather was absolutely perfect!!!. We had 9 canopies set up in the backyard. Between Smoked Pulled pork and Smoked pork butt and all the food folks brought with hem, we fed everyone!!. Traffic was easy, the neighbors let me park cars in their driveways and no incidents. We kept 30-40 folks in the pool at any one time. Lots of sun and lots of naked folks!!!!  We had one person hold out who was a newbie until the very end then she joined in to be topless!!  Thanks to all who came out and donated at the door. This party generated $500 dollars for the sunshine State Veterans fund, which supports pro bono and at cost dental work for Veteran's dental which is not covered by VA.  

and we even had a photo bomb streaker!!!!!!

Sept 4th 2016  Labor day weekend at SVR...Camp, Rent a cabin...sit back, relax, sun, swim, and do nothing that even hints of work!!! Let's let the staff at SVR pamper us and see to our every whim (the chicken salad is awesome!!)...29 of us went and enjoyed the laid back weekend!!!!!

 The Weather  was awesome!!!!

Sept 10  Let's meetup at Sunny Sands Resort and help Dave and Kassie celebrate 15years 20 of us went down and celebrated 15 years of nakedness!!! Weather was gorgeous again!!!!!


February 4th  2017 Second annual BYOW/ BYOC (bring your own wine/bring your own cheese)
Well the weather was blustery and cool. The hot tub was hot most of the day and full and the fire pits were kept stoked by David..the food was awesome.  Kassie made a big bowl of Broccoli cheese soup, and a really good chili (combo of homemade and wolf brand chili), all gone by the end of the party..there was 40 different kinds of cheeses and crackers!! The wine selection was terrific, thanks to all who brought something's a great way to sample a bunch of wine and discover something you like..if you're like me you go into the wine section and just stare. Thanks to all of you who are diehards who came out today and actually thanks to all who found other things to do..35 was just about capacity today. When its cold outside people tend to want to hang inside and Casa Berry is relatively small!!!  Next year I think we're gonna move this to March and try for some brighter warmer weather..thanks to Bob and Lorraine who kept the puppies.  Also $154 dollars was collected in the Kitty and ALL will be donated to The Sunshine State Veterans fund in the name of First Coast Naturists.

November 2015 Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so very thankful for everyone who is a member of this group. We have created a great Nudists club to be proud of, and we have done so much in a year. We've had wonderful events, including two or three 40+ person events at Suwannee Valley Resort and 35+ person event at Sunny Sands, and two highly successful chartered bus trips to the Canaveral beaches. Our members have hosted terrific parties (thank you Donna and Bill, and Daryl and Joel, (and Kassie) for being a helpmate that got us through a 61 person party in our backyard) and we have gained TNS and AANR affiliation, which has validated our credibility in the Nudist community. None of these activities would have been successful except for the participation and enthusiasm of our members. I always feel like I am around my own family when I am with the members of this group. We have so many good things to look forward to to in the coming year!! Thanks! - Dave


Who in the hell is Manny? Well Manny is that funny wrinkled little Manatee in our logo, in the water, just to the right of our humans. He represents Northeast Florida where many Manatees make their home in our warm waters.

DECEMBER  21st, 2015. KEY WEST    We had  a very short stay in Key West the weekend before Christmas 2015. The weather was horrible in key West, rainy and overcast..but of course you don't need great weather to do the Duval crawl. Finally , Monday the 21th cleared up bright and sunny and we were able to get up to the roof in the Garden of Eden and get some naked sun bathing time in. The Garden of Eden Bar, for you NUDISTS NEWBIES to Key West, is on the third floor of bar called the "BULL". The Whisper bar is on the second floor. right on Duvall Street (more towards the north end) and catty corner to Sloppy Joe's. The garden is clothing optional and during the day its a great place to get some sun in downtown Key West. Pretty nice place to party at night too!! We've danced a bunch up there nude. A pretty stiff cover charge keeps most flakes out. But it is the only place I know of in KW where you can dance nude.


June 25th, 2015.

So many things have been happening in the group...we are topping soon the 100 profile mark.  Keep in mind that our profiles are often couples who share a profile, so our membership ranks are currently over 131 nudist!!  We had an absolutely lovely chartered bus trip to Playalinda Beach near Titusville and the Canaveral Seashore. The weather was perfect, everything went right with the bus, we were clothing optional both directions, no one got lost and everybody got nekked!!!  We booked out the bus with 56 persons, although we had some paid no shows...surely wasn't by choice. We are thinking of doing it again in the fall. We managed to herd up enough bodies to take this photo on the beach, although it was only 38 of the total.

BIG NUDE BOAT 2FEb 6th-Feb 16th 2016!! 

UPDATE!!!   Oh what a time was had by all!!! Leaving on the Celebrity Constellation for 10 days, mostly nude, was exciting! We left Ft Lauderdale on Saturday the 6th of Feb after a nice night in Pompano Beach. A great restaurant there - Checkers Old Munchen German restaurant. Certainly give it a try if you are going to be in town.  The first two days at sea on our way to Martinique (Sunday and Monday) plus Saturday night were fully nude days. We had really great weather once we crossed south of Puerto Rico. In Martinique, we docked on FAT Tuesday and found all the banks closed and no way to change money and no one had Euros!!! (Maybe change some EUROS before we go next time?) San Juan was really nice and clean and the shops were all so interesting. Goods we've never seen anywhere else. The food and Mojitos were outstanding!!!  We wish we would have had twelve hours there, instead of just six.  Then back to the grind of total nudity all over the ship (kidding...its the reason to go in the first place!!) Grand Turk is more of a shopping experience than anything else, but we did take a taxi and see some of the island and experience non port shopping and food. Back on the ship we relaxed  with a Billy Joel tribute concert and a guest talent show. The nude magician was amazing. With a heavy heart we had to put clothes on to enter Port in Ft Lauderdale. If you have not been on one of these cruises go!!  You will have the best time of you life!!! We have already booked for the big nude boat 2018!! We reserved balcony cabin this time.

This is actually a cake made by one of our talented members Chrissie

The group photo from the BIG Nude BOAT!! Several of us are in there if you know where to look!!

             Memorial Weekend at Suwannee Valley Resort!  2016.

  The weather could not have been more perfect for the Memorial holiday weekend at SVR. 42 members of our club came out to camp, spend the day, and enjoy the perfect pool temperature and the hot tub. Besides dancing the night away to a incredibly tight band on Friday night, and admiring BG and Tom's recent inside bar remodeling (it really is incredible), we relaxed and swam Saturday while observing some pretty emotional remembrance ceremonies for our military who have given all in the defense of our country. We enjoyed exceptional sandwiches produced by the all new SVR kitchen while sitting in the shade or our canopy next to the pool. Saturday night, after many of us gathered for evening dinners next to our trailer, while other in the group gathered in the restaurant, we brought our chairs out to the pavilion and proceeded to dance naked under the stars, and then later watched all parade their best red, white and blue regalia for voting!  Many of us snuck off to do the "Trailer crawl"  which mainly consist of stumbling around in the dark (at times) and sampling each trailer owner's concoctions. My humble offer was ICE cold Fireball shooters right out of the freezer for the entourage, then on to the next trailer for some cold and tasty Slippery Nipples, then on to another trailer for some Buttery Nipples, then back to the club house to jump in the pool or slip into the hot tub. Memories are made of this. Sunday we were a motley crew, some slept in while others got in the pool early for water aerobics, and then to a flag ceremony where we retired the service flags for the year and sent up new ones.  

Cypress Cove  Open House  June 9---A great Bunch of folks enjoyed the gorgeous facilities of CYPRESS Cove...more later.

Spring 2016 has been very busy for First Coast Naturists --

APRIL 8,9,and 10th we brought in over 35 folks to the second annual NUDEROCK at SUWANNEE VALLEY RESORT. The weather was perfect and the entertainment awesome.

Then,  we turned right around on April 30th and pulled campers and packed our tents to Hidden River Resort, near McClenny Florida (and actually on the Georgia side of the St Mary's River) and enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with Billie and Nicky. Who again put on a great weekend. They bring in superb bands every year for this event and cook a mean pork butt!  As always, we let attitudes sail off in the wind and enjoy ourselves and always have a great time. Its such a short drive from  Jacksonville that you are missing out not using the facility close to home.   May came in strong and warm and we turned right around and had a great House party hosted by our members Glen and Linda on May 7th.  Final head count was 37 very happy nudists. The weather could not have been better. The conversation was lively, the food was great and the company golden!

Thursday night, the 13th,  we packed 42 into GATORS Dockside and added several new members and gathered our plans and filled out new membership cards in anticipation of our huge yearly weekend at Suwannee Valley Resort.  We call SVR home!

Last weekend, we exceeded all previous records when we brought in 42 members to Suwannee Valley Resort for the First Coast Naturists takeover weekend.  BG set up a cocktail hour for us at discounted drink prices and then suddenly, someone rang the bar bell!!!  A free drink for our members was the least we could do. Then later that night we went Roman and put on our best TOGAs, for a dance and a toga contest.  It's impossible to not have fun in Toga's, especially in a nudists resort where no one care or are shocked if they fall off!! We danced the night away until adult beverages and effects from a very sunny perfect day told a few of us, time for bed.

Our calendar is very full...down the road?  Next,  house party May 21st, followed by huge Memorial day weekend at Suwannee Valley resort for many of us in the club.  We got another house party June 5th,  a club takeover  in Sunny Sands resort on June 18th, and our spring/summer  NUDE chartered Bus trip to Playalinda nude beach at the National seashore, Cape Canaveral.  Then another huge Nude weekend at Suwannee Valley Resort for the 4th of July,  then another house party scheduled the 23rd.  Its going to be a great summer with FIRST COAST NATURISTS...why don't you join us?

January 30th 2016.  Wine and Cheese party at Dave and Kassie's

Well 56 folks showed up with wine and cheese in their hands on a day that turned out to be very nice weather wise. Expected to be 65, on the chillier side for a nude party, it zoomed up to 70 (northerners eat your hearts out). The canopy and outdoor fire and hot tub was great and the indoor area in the dining room was a close encounter. This was both a birthday party for one of our members and a Bon Voyage party for those of us going on the Big Nude Boat


Another highly successful and fun trip to the beaches...This time we took our chartered motor coach to Apollo Beach, New Smyrna, Florida, about 114 miles south of Jacksonville, on the Canaveral National Seashore. We arrived about 1020am and offloaded the bus and had to stroll down the beach about 100 yards and set up our umbrellas and canopies. The weather was lovely and the company was perfect!!! Between those on the bus and members who met us there we had 47 members on the beach! The bus picked us up again at 330pm after a day of nude fun and sun and surf!!! What an awesome day!!..If you have never been to the beach without clothes you have not lived!!!!