Welcome to our website. We are First Coast Naturists. We are a chartered AANR non landed club.  We are real people who actually get out from behind their desk, and go out and meet other folks who happen to like being nude in a social setting. We seek folks who live in a 60 mile or so radius of the Jacksonville, Florida area, so ideally they can participate regularly in our activities.

Our goal is to have happy active members, whether it’s ten or 100. The key word is active. This is a place for naturists, nudists, and open minded people to meet, greet, and have nude fun. This web site is the key to meeting other nudists in the greater Jacksonville and the First Coast area. We do not discriminate because of sexual preference, race, or the lifestyle preferences folks choose in their private lives as long as what they do is legal.

  We are an chartered non-landed traveling club with the American Association for Nude Recreation ( AANR). We are also affiliated with The Naturists Society club (TNS) and have a relationship with Travel Nude America (Tanude). We abide by and insist that our members and guests follow the commonly accepted ethics of non sexual nude recreation.

First Coast Naturists was founded in May of 2013 by a small group of nudists enthusiasts seeking a new club who embraced and practiced inclusiveness. We accept single and married people in our group as well as partnered folks. We also acknowledge and welcome solo members whose spouse or significant others choose not to participate, and we actively seek to make the non-participating member comfortable by making our non nude events and nude events accessible to them.

Our events , except our textile events (with clothes, in the public), to be accurate are clothing optional. Sometimes its cold!!  Then you can choose to wear anything or nothing at all. When we visit resorts and nudists parks we of course abide by the the ground rules which sometimes means "nude only" in pools, hot tubs, and pool fenced areas. Most nudists that hosts in their own home have the same rules. A clean nude body is much cleaner than a body in a bathing suit.

About Us

 2017 Future Public events  come and meet us.

April 28 We will be at Suwannee Valley Resort for the REDNECK Games

May 6th We will be on Playalinda Beach, Cape Canaveral National Seashore, Titusville, Florida as a group 60 strong. we will be set up near PARKING LOT 13.

May 28 Memorial weekend we will be at Suwannee Valley Resort, banner fltying, come by and meet us!!!