Welcome to our website. We are First Coast Naturists. We are a chartered AANR non landed club.  We are real people who actually get out from behind their desk, and go out and meet other folks who happen to like being nude in a social setting. We seek folks who live in a 60 mile or so radius of the Jacksonville, Florida area, so ideally they can participate regularly in our activities.

WHAT WE ARE : First Coast Naturists was founded in May of 2013 by a small group of nudists enthusiasts seeking a new club who embraced and practiced inclusiveness. We accept single and married people in our group as well as partnered folks. We also acknowledge and welcome solo members whose spouse or significant others choose not to participate, and we actively seek to make the non-participating member comfortable by making our non nude events and nude events accessible to them.

  We are adults, We have fun.  We joke, We flirt, We laugh.  We are like any other group of adults when they get together except we prefer to be nude. In this club, we try to incorporate nudity into everything that "textile"  folks do, like going to the beach, gardening, bowling, swimming,  dancing, Bunko party, wine and cheese parties, camping, and yes, even nude Karaoke.   We are adults from every walk of life, every income level, every race and creed and every religion or those without religious ties.  We have members from every sexual preference and every sub culture lifestyle.

WHAT We are NOT:   This is not a Swingers Group.  Our essential and primary mission is to provide nudist opportunities for our members, doing the same things Textile folks do, except, we do it without clothing. What our members do after hours, in their own privacy is NOT the business of this club (or any other club) .  We're grownups. We are not hypocrites, nor are we naive.  We assume that our members are just like any other  group  of adults. We adhere to and believe in the tenants of social nudity, as expressed by the American Association for Nude Recreation. Nude is not lewd. Sexual activity, sexual touching, and lewdness is not acceptable in our events, or in a social nudity scenario.  Touching others in an unacceptable way (especially when it's unsolicited) will be grounds for your exit. Overly prolonged PDA (public display of affection) will get you a tap on your shoulder and you'll probably hear  "get a room" . That statement is not mean to be cute, it's a nice way to say  "Stop what you are doing. you're crossing the line". We should be able to take our club to any destination and be proud of the behavior of our members, which should be beyond reproach.

Simply stated, except the fact that you are nude, your behavior should be no different that you would display around your own kids, your mother, your sister or your grandmother.

WHO WE SEEK: This is a place for naturists and nudists (there are subtle differences between the two)  to meet, greet, and have fun in our birthday suits. There was definitely a need for another club, more inclusive,  in the greater Jacksonville and the First Coast area. We do not exclude anyone because of their sexual preference, race, or their subculture lifestyle preferences. We don't just choose "pretty people" or people who can benefit the club with connections. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. How folks behave in a social nudity setting will determine whether a person is someone we want to socialize with in the long run. 
    We are a highly social group. If you are an introvert, you can come out of your shell. Around us, you won't have time to bury your nose in a book.
   We are NOT a cyber group. We are real people,  if you have come to this site from prurient curiosity and wish to leer at photos, you will be sadly disappointed. Photos for the most part are prohibited anyway except in very controlled circumstances. Please leave joining for those few who wish to shed clothes and be discreetly comfortable with others. We do not want ranks full of posers or wanna-bees who want to observe from a distance.

  We do not want SHADOW members. WE will NOT accept your dues if you are not a participating member. If you do not participate on a regular basis, we will assume you have lost interest or have other things going on in your life preventing your participation.  You likely will be purged after a while, but, you are always welcome back if things change in your life. Let us know if something has come up. Sometimes we can help, or at least keep you on our rolls until things smooth out.
  We are a Chartered AANR club. See our listing at www.AANR.com and check out our website www.firstcoastnaturists.com . As a chartered AANR club, we have credibility with resorts around the state. Your AANR card with FIRST COAST NATURISTS affiliation on it will get you in the door to statewide resorts that otherwise might be closed to you.

Prospective new members, if you are serious, you must attend a Textile meet. We do it usually once a month. The sooner you meet us, the sooner you can be privy to all our events. The Meetup is your chance to meet the folks in the group and get comfortable with them with clothes on before going to a nude events.  Come meet up, get to know us, and it will be so much more comfortable for you.  

 MANDATORY FOR SOLO/ SINGLE MEN. We will not normally approve membership, unless you have made an effort to come to a TEXTILE  meetup. If we have met you somewhere previously, make sure you write us and tell us that. That may suffice for your first textile meet.   Many of our new members we meet at nudists resorts, which does serve as vetting for the group. If a resort is ok with you, usually we will be too.-+

Single SOLO WOMEN, please come and meet us so we know you are a real woman. 

Because we seek active regularly participating members, we are not accepting memberships for folks who live outside the First Coast area. That means generally, our membership area is about a 60 mile radius from downtown Jacksonville. Living more than an hour away from us is problematic for regular participating. If you are a road runner, then join up!

Our goal is to have happy active members, whether it be ten or 100. The key word is active. If you join and you are not active for quite a while we will assume you are no longer interested and we will gently remove you from our rolls. Couples and singles females have historically been free the first year. So if you join and then do nothing, expect to be bounced. Single/solo males must pay their dues as soon as they are accepted. We're sorry, but upfront pay for solo/single males is a flake fee. We would have 500 males here if we didn't not filter this way. Generally, with exceptions, we will not accept a single or solo (married or partnered, Significant Other not participating) unless we meet you at a textile meet, or we have met you at a resort.

YOUR PROFILE: Couples need to include the names of both members, and a good email address. One profile per couple please. If you are a single or solo man and we have met you at a resort, please tell us that. Other Single guys...your first inclination is to hit "join". We are chock full of single guys at the moment, and if you want to join, you better present a good case why you would be good for our group by completely filling out our little questionnaire. Running around your house naked is great, but that does not make you a social nudist.  If you have no intention of participating as a social nudist, meaning, being nude with others, we aren't right for you. If we write you and you do not respond, you will declined. If you write a questionnaire and do not answer the questions, you will be declined.

If you are a paid member of a resort like Suwannee Valley Resort, or Sunny Sands or Cypress Cove. Please let us know that upfront, as that is indeed an important factor to us that would actually help you become a member here. If You are an AANR member or a TNS member please indicate that.

SOLO MEN SOLO WOMEN: If you are married, or partnered, and the wife (or husband, or significant other) does not want to be a nudist, and you do, AND, you can participate without causing yourself domestic strife, and group drama, then you are welcome. Membership dues are presently $20.00 a year. This year, we are waiving fees for couples (both members attending), and single women. Above all, we want to be inclusive, not exclusive. Your participation and willingness to get to know other members of the group, and ability to behave acceptably in a social nudity setting will determine your satisfaction and enjoyment in this group.

Ii is highly encouraged for all single /SOLO males to join AANR and do it through our club. Importantly, the AANR card, with a chartered club listed on the front, gives a single/solo man credibility when they check into one of the statewide resorts that are AANR affiliated, like Cypress Cove, Sunny Sands, Suwannee Valley Resort and Hidden River amongst others.

1) There are several paths to membership in our group. Our member nudists, who've observed or participated with another nudist and will give the group a recommendation (sponsorship) is a great way to bring in a new member. Referral from a member of this group will pretty much close the deal. We trust our members to refer only the best of the best, who respect the ideals of social nudity, are great folks, who fit in with other folks well, and are well behaved. This obviously includes folks that are met in the process of a group event at a resort or a beach. We often invite new members based on our observation (and resort vetting). Basically, if a clothing optional resort accepts you, you've already jumped a major hurdle to becoming a member. If you are a total newbie, and have sadly lived your life in textiles, but seek inner peace and the freedom of nudity, we can be the place for you. However, we will weed out posers and wannabees very quickly. Because nudism is such a social lifestyle, we feel that if you are not willing to come out to a meetup and meet us and socialize with us with your clothes on, we're not certain that we want to be nude around you. So for single men trying to join the group, it is absolutely important if you are serious to attend any textile meet that is scheduled. You will not be invited to join the group until you do, and you will not be allowed to attend nude events (except resort or group events) until you do go to a textile meet. It's your chance to meet us and decide whether you like us, and whether we like you.

2). We are a Nudist group. Clothing optional may be exercised at times, especially if the weather or air conditioning is chilly. Just like nudist resorts, the pool and hot tub are nude only in most nudists homes. You'll see most people arrive, go into the bedroom or whatever, and just shed their textiles (clothes) and walk into the room with a towel. Keep in mind, most of us also nudists accept the idea of clothing optional when folks are learning to be comfortable. So pace yourself if you need to. We've all been where you've been as far as the first time. No one is going to judge you or stare at you, or remarks about your life medals (scars). You may find that you'll attract more attention with clothes on or with some clothes on than if you are just nude. Enjoy yourself!! Try to maintain eye contact and show respect for the person just like you would appreciate it for yourself. If male, and you experience the highly unlikely erection, just throw a towel on until you subside. No one will persecute you for your body having a mind of it's own, but flaunting an erection is frowned upon.

WHERE TO GO in FLORIDA NUDE!!! For those not having been to any of the resorts in Florida....here is my list and the suggested order you should go to each....Read on.. afterward, you'll understand why.

1. Apollo Beach/ Playalinda Beach/Blind Creek Beach (these are not resorts but you will understand the meaning of primitive accommodations). You must bring everything you need and carry it or wheel it in. WATER-WATER-WATER, ice, and shade. (A neat beach trick if you bring a canopy: use gallon jugs full of fresh water (I freeze mine too) to weigh down your canopy against the sea breeze, drink the water as you need to, use to wash your face, refill with sea water as you need to to maintain your hold downs.) Apollo Beach is a nice sand type beach but you have to walk about 1/2 to 3/4 mile to get in the comfortably nude area, and NO harassment (different County). Parking can be a problem in both places, so go early!! My wife said she like Playalinda better than Apollo. (Apollo Beach and Playalinda are really the same beach, kinda at opposite ends..Apollo in the north, Playalinda in the south) . Playalinda's nude area is all the way to the end at Parking lot 13. Get there by 8am or you will have to park farther down and walk up the beach. Nothing really feels as natural as being at the beach totally nude! Our group will, routinely organize bus trips to the beach.The parking areas at these beaches are always full very early so the bus method makes very much sense. Join our group and go to the beach on a chartered bus and don't worry about the parking!!! We've done three chartered bus trips now, and they are EPIC...many folks met the bus down at Playlinda and our club had over 60 members on the beach.  Guana River Beach is NOT a sanctioned clothing optional beach, but is on our hit list where we would like to create one. Please Do NOT create bad press that at this time by illegally using the beach without clothes.

2) Hidden River Resort, near Sanderson,and McClenny, Fl (although actually in Georgia, north side of the St Mary's River) actually about 45 minutes west of downtown Jax. Barbara (call her Billie) has 78 acres of wilderness. If you want to hike forest trails and catch glimpses of deer, armadillos, tortoises, and birds or ride horseback nude she has lots of trails to do that. Purposely kept rustic, she has limited facilities. Billie has a pool, a hot tub, tent sites, and 30 amp and 50 amp pull through RV sites with power, water , and sewage, a bathhouse, a pavilion, and bandstand. Bring what you need. There is a convenience store about 12 miles back down SR 121. Billie sometimes has ice.  Seriously, DO NOT bring glass, or ensure it does not leave your tent or RV, and ensure she doesn't see it!!!. All Nudists resorts are sensitive about glass. An excellent place to bring your Cardboardeaux box wine. She will expect you to disconnect your vehicle after you park your trailer and park it in designated parking area. She'll want you to unload your stuff, then put your vehicle in the parking area.  Don't smoke in the pool area, make sure you shower before you enter the pool, don't harass the tortoises (state law too) and you'll get along with her. You can definitely sleep under the stars at her place. Once a year she brings in bands for a weekend called Nudie Blues in April. Billie really does want everyone to have a good time, but she is quirky, has some rules that only she understands, and can be sweet or moody depending. And, she really doesn't care if she makes money or not. So break her rules and your  likely to be thrown out the very first infraction especially if your mouth start moving defensively instead of saying "yes mam, it won't happen again" Just be a good social nudist like you would be at any other resort or at someone's home, and you will have a great time. AANR Club

3) Sunny Sands, Pierson, Fla..Updated, 18 June 2016...Owner Mo has a nice little resort here!! They have a really nice pool, hot tub, a bar, and a restaurant, and three modular rental units. She has Tent camping too with A/C hookup, so you can bring a fan or a 6000 BTU A/C for your tent. They have limited RV parking, i think about 15 to 20 spaces. They have about 10 pull through or back in spots fro RV's .The new managers are really doing a nice job at SS, They were very welcoming to our group, and I think surprised that we showed up with 25 people, A quaint little place for total quiet cause there are not many folks around except on a weekend. It's more of a community than just a resort, and many of the folks that you will see there live there year round. Thus, once you get to know the folks there, they treat you like family. They have one of the nicest nature trail walks around, with towering bamboo 3 inches in diameter, and right next to a fern farm. Really, a lovely little place that holds a special place in our heart since we were married there in 2001 under the Memorial Oak. When it's chilly in Jacksonville, it's commonly 10 degrees warmer in Pierson (approx 90 miles south of Jacksonville, so it's a great place to escape to on a 65 degree day and still get some sun and warmth on your skin. We had a great time and plan to do it more often! Say hello to Teresa, world's best bartender!   AANR Club

4) Suwannee Valley Resort, White Springs. I've been to all the other places listed, and if Suwannee Valley doesn't meet or exceed all your needs and expectations, it's not because BG and Tom and the staff didn't break their back trying to provide it. Of all the places I listed, SVR is a place that makes me feel like I'm home. Their facilities are very nice and constantly improving, and they bring in vendors for special weekends. The food is plentiful and wholesome and tasty and not outrageously priced. Their breakfast is outstanding. In so many ways, mostly intangible, it exceeds anything the other resorts have. In one most important tangible way, definitely, service. In addition, the staff who serve you for the most part live there. They are nudist themselves and know what the expectations are and meet and exceed them. And they treat you like family. BONUS? about 63 miles from my house!!! Even dragging our trailer about a 1 1/4 hour drive is no chore. They have lots of cabins and RVs to rent, are pet friendly (not in main area, but certainly you can bring Bowser or Princess and keep them in your RV with you) and Ms. BG constantly has a myriad of activities planned for the weekends, from water aerobics to Tikii bar trivia contests. Be there or be square!!! You must be 21 or older to enter SVR. SVR is very VETERANS friendly, and one of the few club in Florida that stacks discounts.  Veterans, policemen, firefighters, bring proof with you (DD-214) or ID card for additional discounts on top of AANR card or club card (like this one) .AANR Club

5) Cypress Cove..in Poinciana, Fla...very nice resort. fours stars..caters to international tourists, and older crowd..you'll see young kids here as well because of the Euro tourist families...Nice chipping greens, tennis courts and plenty of area to nude bike ride. Excellent pool facilities and really nice sports bar. They rent motel style rooms and have an RV park too. Nightlife is a little slow unless you bring your own party. Parrot head (Jimmy Buffet) weekend is fun. Actually, one of my favorite resorts, about 2 1/2 hours south of Jax.You can fish nude here at Cypress (license required), kayak nude or boat nude, near the resort. Jimmy Buffet weekend is a blast. Attend their open house in July, no day fees for the day!   AANR CLUB

6) Paradise Lakes. Lutz, Fla. Four stars All the accommodations you can want in a resort. It's a little hodgepodge as far as how the place is laid out because it was done over thirty years without a master plan, but very nicely done. Some younger crowds make it there and Paradise's Saturday night lingerie parties and legendary conversation pool keeps them in hot water at times with pure nudists. So if you are a party creature, check it out. Lots of Condo rentals here, since so many are privately owned. It is a very nice place to spend the weekend.

7) Caliente..Land of Lakes, Fla. Definitely 4 star or 5 star clothing optional resort. Be sure to arrive with a credit card that has head space. Good food, great building and facilities, and boutiques. The disco party is awesome. The only place like it, really. It took over 5 years to build it and it was designed from the ground up as a clothing optional resort that can compete with those resorts in Dominican Republic or Mexico. Eye candy is definitely in season here, I mean if you like to watch 30 something hard bodies strut their stuff. On the other hand, if you are a pure nudist you may be turned off by their wink of an eye to the Swing lifestyle which made them drop out of AANR. Their rentals are very nice, the Casitas, as they are called, sometimes come equipped with mirrors on the ceiling. I've heard that they aren't keeping up with appearances as well as one would hope with their pricing. NOT AANR, but worth the trip at least once to check it out. If you aren't open minded, stay out of the disco Saturday night and the conversation pool after dark.

8. www.FloridaNaturists.info for a list of Florida clubs, resorts and nudists organizations.There are many many resorts and beaches in Florida, so please dont think this list is exclusive. WWW.AANR.com or the Naturists Society can steer you to resorts or beaches near you in Florida.

The AANR site is a good place to start. Anywhere you go in FLA, you can find a place to be nude. Georgia has several parks to some right up I 95, one near Darien, Native Woods, run by Bennie and Carol, and one northeast of Atlanta, Paradise Valley. There are many other resorts I have not been to. I hope our members will report on them so we can include them here.

Why is this order important?...I think all these places have their merits..and if you go to Caliente first, you may think that all resorts are going to be like this, facilities wise (4 star), and disappointed when you go to the other places. If you are a complete snoot, don't bother exploring any of the other places. That would be wrong. My favorite place in this list is actually number five on the list..SVR (Suwannee Valley Resort). I think, because I did these resorts roughly in this order as I became a full fledged nudists, It made me appreciate the subtleties of the smaller places...try em out for yourself!!!

Call me or text if you have any questions about our club, social nudism or AANR,   904-887-8123

Dave Berry

Our goal is to have happy active members, whether it’s ten or 100. The key word is active. This is a place for naturists, nudists, and open minded people to meet, greet, and have nude fun. This web site is the key to meeting other nudists in the greater Jacksonville and the First Coast area. We do not discriminate because of sexual preference, race, or the lifestyle preferences folks choose in their private lives as long as what they do is legal.

  We are an chartered non-landed traveling club with the American Association for Nude Recreation ( AANR). We are also affiliated with The Naturists Society club (TNS) . We abide by and insist that our members and guests follow the commonly accepted ethics of non sexual nude recreation.

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